In Today’s News…
April 28, 2010


“…How does God choose? Whose prayers does he refuse?…”


Why do we say, “God answered our prayers” when results favor us, and that “Evil attacked us” when they don’t?


What happens…

When two of us on opposing teams pray to win the same game. When two of us on opposing political sides pray for God to solve the nation’s problems, or for our candidate to win. When two of us on different sides of the ocean pray for God to keep us safe from our enemies, or give us victory over them. When two of us pray for God to bring justice, when each of us have differing definitions of that word.

Or when two of us pray for forgiveness. When two of us stop praying, get off our offended asses, and go say we’re sorry. When two of us step down from our soapboxes, look at each other in the eyes, and listen to their story. When two of us see the other as a hurting, scared person and not an agenda, a philosophical position, a religion, a political party, a team, a lifestyle, a socioeconomic segment, or a target market. When two of us stop praying — or protesting — for world peace and start making it happen, beginning with those right across from us. When two of us…  You fill in the blank. (Then start trying to live it.)