The A.D.D. Version

I’m Dave. Pilgrim. Writer. Austin, TX. Raised in Christianity. Growing up on the fringes of it. Squirrel!

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A Few More Details…

“I am not prepared to hand over to any other person, though wise and learned, or to any institution however ancient or sure of its position, my inalienable right to search for ever-growing and ever-expanding truth.” Dr. Raynor C. Johnson

I’m trying to follow the trail of a God who I think is beyond human fences, no matter how fancy we make them. From what I can tell, the trail continues beyond these “no trespassing” zones. So to go further I have unchained myself from obligations associated with certain religious doctrines. Considering this, my thoughts may offend the religious and frustrate the nonreligious, as I’m suspended somewhere between those two boundaries.

By trade, I am a writer, so you also should know that I do not use language haphazardly, and this is not merely a blog to push buttons. I think things through…too much probably. But if you want to know some of the deeper ideas behind this blog, my FAQ and Definitions pages can give you a backstage tour.

While I am part of a faith community, I have many doubts and uncertainties regarding the concept of God, the afterlife, religion, church, etc. (My faith community is fine with this, by the way.) For whatever reason, I cannot accept all/most of the tenets of Christianity or religion in general. But maybe three paragraphs in re-cap of my last 30+ years will help explain:

I grew up as a short-term missionary kid and have traveled to nearly 20 nations on Christian missions, conversing about God with everyone from atheists in eastern Europe to half-naked tribal chiefs in the jungles of South America to the homeless in the rail-yards of the U.S. Bible Belt. My parents, other relatives, and many friends are ordained ministers, and my home was usually host to missionaries, pastors, and their prayer meetings.  My parents also are the founders of a Bible school in Texas. I attended a private Christian school from elementary through junior high. After high school, I went on to Bible college in Tulsa, where I graduated a discipleship program under a wonderful man who carries a cross around the world. After that, I attended and graduated Oral Roberts University (ORU) with a degree in English.

For most of my life, I have served both behind the scenes and on stage in a variety of churches, most of which were Pentecostal/Charismatic. I have served as a megachurch vocalist, a worship leader, performer, and creative director. Many of my friends and family are pastors, priests, and/or missionaries. I have ghost-written two books for a Charismatic/Word-of-Faith pastor and served as editor of another Christian author’s book; I was the director of a faith-based website; and other duties and relationships have very well acquainted me to the ins and outs of Christianity. I could go on about what may qualify me to discuss Christianity, but hopefully you can take my word for it.

In summary, my decades of experience with the Pentecostal church, combined with various life experiences, caused me to evaluate the foundations of my life, and I’ve found numerous cracks in those foundations. And that is what this blog discusses…not just the cracks, but the high points and depressions too.

I do not press my philosophy on anyone, as again, this is merely a vehicle for me to share my story. If you can identify with my story or think maybe I might identify with yours, get in touch via the comments section or email theagnosticpentecostal [at] gmail. Until then, peace to you and yours.

13 Responses

  1. How crazy is that! I’m a writer from T-Town, as well. Keith Wheeler was a neighbor to a family I nannied for years ago (I remember because of the cross… met him a few times when I was on my way out of the church.)

    Keep up the great writing… I’m starting to figure out how important it is for freethinkers to write, myself included. Simply because, especially where I’m from, it is so much more likely to have “absolute certainty” foisted upon you in every medium that anyone who dares to proclaim “I don’t know and I DON’T CARE THAT I DON’T KNOW!!” can cause quite a stir.

    Can’t wait to read more from you!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Angela. So glad we have some odd common ground. Keep in touch!

  2. As I read your about page I was struck by how much we have in common – I’m Agnostic (but, like you, don’t press my beliefs on anyone), a writer and grew up a Preacher’s Kid.

    • So glad we can share a mutual story, Lydia.

  3. from one to another … yo my friend 😉

  4. Hey Dave! I have a quick question for you…can you please shoot me an email.?


  5. You sound similar to me, although a little more megachurched 😉

    My blog is http://spritzophrenia.wordpress.org if you’re interested

    • I really like your blog. Sounds like we have similar projects in the works. Would love to chat. Email me sometime if you like.

      • Thankyou, that’s very kind. I like yours too 🙂 Will email.

  6. Thank you for posting your thoughts and tribulations. There are many of us with similar beautiful and fucked up experiences who benefit from the online fellowship.

  7. Giggin’ the blog hommie!

  8. beauty my brother!!!

  9. I’d love to talk to you sometime. I graduated from ORU, ghostwrote a number of books for televangelists, and wrote a book for recovering charismatics called Strange Fire, Holy Fire (Bethany House). Somehow I stumbled onto your site through Donald Miller’s blog. But I’d love to hear more of your story.

    Michael J. Klassen

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