Last One.

Copyright 2012, David T. Brown

 A few months after my father died, another major tornado of an event began stripping my life down to the slab.

I am now down to just a foundation and some exposed rebar. And I am happy.

Bricks, furniture, sheetrock, glass, and books and photos and clothes and important documents all strewn about, scattered across my parcel. And I am moving on.

I am left with almost nothing, but everything I need. Everything I want.

A blank canvas for belief. A blank canvas for relationships and occupation. A blank canvas for a home and possessions. Again, everything I want.

 It hurts. But to be able to feel the pain makes me happy. It reminds me what is real. I know that if I am feeling, then I am aware; I am alive. That is good. Life is an amazing opportunity. I will live it fully.

If nothing else, from this perspective of one who has endured a lot of pain, so much I would never thought I could have survived it, I’d like to encourage everyone who is going through tough times: It will be okay.

I am becoming stronger, and I know what I want and don’t want. Life is becoming easier in that sense. Decisions are easier because of the clarity of what is and is not important to me. And I require less. Less stuff, fewer events, fewer people to see, fewer beliefs and rules. More life.


Years ago, I voluntarily began a deconstruction process in my life, starting with my philosophy, my beliefs. That process lead to the creation of this blog.

As a continuation of my deconstruction, now I am letting this domain name expire this New Year’s Eve, 2012. But the WordPress blog will still be live, so it shouldn’t look any different. Although I probably won’t be posting anything new, you can still read all my past/existing posts at

If you want, you can still get in touch with me by emailing theagnosticpentecostal [at] gmail.

Thank you for listening.


2 Responses

  1. I have appreciated your writing. Take care.

  2. Reconstruction comes with deconstruction. I didn’t plan it in 01. It happened. I had nothing but a single bed I bought for $50 (that about 12 onches of my frame hung off of) and the clothes in my closet. I rented a room and went about rebuilding my life. I have very fond memories Santikos Mayan Palace 14 of the exposed and naked days of my life because it was just me, it was raw and it was real. Praying that peace visits you and freedom releases you.

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