Pretty little houses… [from Girl Reupholstered]

I’ve re-posted the following from my wife’s blog, She has a beautiful way of saying things about our life that I tend to complicate, and I thought this summarizes our past few years quite well…

I was making offer packets the other day at work, so it was the perfect time for my mind to wander.  My coworker and I discussed weekend plans and she told me she was going to get out in her yard.  I thought about all the hard work Dave and I put into the front yard of our first house.  The house had been a foreclosure (before the housing marketing tanked) and it had absolutely no curb appeal.


First, we installed a new door.  Then, we paid for a landscape design and, to save $$, we decided to do all the work ourselves.  We spent 5 3-day weekends working on it (well, I did 3 3-day weekends and told Dave that if he wanted clean underwear, he was going the rest of the way ALONE – I was so over the dirt.) It turned out beautiful.  Our house went from being the eyesore of the street to one of the nicest houses – from the outside.


We lived in that house for 4 years.  We didn’t do much work on the inside except for stripping some wallpaper, doing some painting and changing a few fixtures.  It was a huge house – 2500 square feet 2-story for 2 people and 2 cats.  We added one small weenie dog toward the end, but it was waay too much space.  It was pretty empty and not a lot on the walls. Towards the end, we hardly ever went upstairs.  It was wasted space.

Dave and I went through a pretty major life shift during our stay in that home.  I realized that home represented a life that I thought I should be living – but it was a life I never wanted to live.  From the outside, we looked like we had it all.  Dave made good $$ in sales; I had the ultimate job for a Christian – working on a church staff; and we had this big lovely house.  We were young and hip as well, which made it all the better.

The first thing we did was to get rid of the jobs.  Being on a church staff is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Particularly when you never really have bought into the politics or even the message. And Dave discovered that making bookoo bucks doesn’t matter either. The next thing was to sell the house.  We also sold most of the stuff in it, too.  I remember, when it was completely empty, I wasn’t sad at all.  I was relieved. No longer was I living in someone else’s house – living somebody else’s American dream.

The house we currently own is nothing like that house.  It’s a rancher and 1000 square feet less. The cats are gone – we got another weenie dog to keep the other company. And we’ve done no work on the outside of the house.  Except for paint the front door and pull out the hedges in the entryway – it was beginning to feel like walking through a labyrinth getting to the front door.  I would be remiss if I wasn’t completely truthful.  In the 2 years we’ve lived here, all the work has been on inside.  It’s truly a reflection of us and our journey.

Mi Casa…

I think our houses are perfect representations of how we live.  We tried to convince others that we had it together – that we were successful, happy, and blessed.  But we were empty on the inside.  Sure, we did a little bit of work.  Stripped some of the bad away and covered up other areas with paint.  But we sure looked good on the outside.

Now, we kinda don’t give a shit about what people think about the outside appearance.  But, on the inside, there’s been a major overhaul.  Walls knocked down and rebuilt, floors torn up, carpet stripped and new flooring installed. Most of the furniture and accessories have been given to us or we purchased second-hand.  There are a few new pieces.  And that’s who we are today.  We focus working on the inside.  Eventually, we’ll get to the outside. It’s bound to happen.

How do your surroundings reflect your life?  Inner and Outer?  Just something to think about.

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  1. It’s interesting..we recently realized that our old house and our new one both have almost the same color brick. Not sure exactly what that means in existential terms, but maybe it helps illustrate the fact that we are still the same people. We’ve just moved (on).

  2. Wow! What an awesome post and an incredible observation. How truly brave to do what you did, and to see it so honestly that you have made the transition into a wonderful journey, that you took together. Great job, thanks for sharing, and thanks for allowing me to be some very small part of your journey! Hugs and kuddos to you both!

    • Thanks Stevie…ANYONE in or moving to Austin who is looking for the home that is right for them must contact Stevie. She’s by far the best agent we’ve ever had! She really paid attention to our feelings and intentions to get the right fit. Check her out at:

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