Name That Heresy

Part two of my Journey: Refractions blog series…

Christianity does not have the exclusive claim to God.

There, I said it. You can label me now. Reduce me to a category, or better yet, a brand, like we’ve done with God.

I just think maybe God is like me: A Large that can’t be squeezed into a small.

A big muffin-top that bulges over low-rise jeans, even “relaxed-fit” ones.

A form that refuses to stay in any container, even cross- or steeple-shaped ones.

A quiet stream that is also a pillar of raging fire. A lion that is also a lamb.

A Father who is also called “Many-Breasted One.” Google it.

A loving wise man who throws tantrums in the temple.

The Unknown God and “YHWH.”

An Unfathomable Power that we don’t even have sounds to express.

And we think we can nail all this down with one creed, a few rituals, and 66 books.

Sounds to me like we’re making someone in our own image.

What would it take to open up the lines a bit?

Leave some space between our words to let the Indescribable seep through, expand, and mess up our syntax.

Let the Holy Chaos randomize our code.

Then we might see that we really don’t have the puzzle figured out, even after ages of apostolic succession, ancient scholarly councils, apologetics, hermeneutics, and innumerable sermons.

So maybe we could work together with others and swap stories to get a bigger picture.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Nah. That would be heresy. At least that’s what I’ve been told that God told somebody somewhere sometime, and if God said it I believe it and that settles it.


4 Responses

  1. You gave me a great gift this morning – a deep belly laugh. “Many-breasted One. Google it.”
    Great perspective.

    Are you working on a book? If not, you should be!

  2. It could be indifferentism.
    But I think it goes further than that actually, because you are not just saying “other religions are acceptable paths to God” but on top of that saying that Christianity doesn’t know what it claims to know about God via revelation, or at least appear to be. In which case I’d say it goes beyond heresy into apostasy.

    • You make an excellent point, Sophia. To clarify, I don’t assert that Christianity doesn’t know what it claims to know about God is false. I just think it is limited. So I do not reject this knowledge, I only question it as absolute. I deeply appreciate the Christian perspective, but I don’t think it’s the only valid “answer.”

      • Well of course to some degree every heresy does just that by rejecting some or other aspect of Christian dogma. But ceirtainly if you don’t do so wholesale, if your main rejection is of the exclusivity and exceptionalism of the Christian revelation – then I would say probably the heresy is indifferentism…

        There is names for almost everything :p

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