A Bad Christian’s Creed

I’m doing my week-long blog series on my faith community’s site, journeyifc.com. This was at suggestion of the late David Gentiles several months ago. This is my first installment…

I am a terrible Christian. Because if being a good Christian means serving a God that needs me to defend him, primarily on Election Day by voting down liberals, I’d rather be a heathen. Secondly, if being passionate about Christian social justice requires a presupposition that conservatives are narrow-minded bigots, I will be apathetic. And if being a model Christian equates merely to climbing a social ladder within the gilded sphere of those who are anointed, appointed, and correct, I choose to be anathema. Furthermore, if being “a new kind of Christian” only means keeping up with the latest trends, practicing slam poetry, and endlessly debating soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology, well, I’m just going to barf.

I choose to skip out on all those classes. I need to get off campus and into the wild. I want to roam a weedy trail in the backwaters of spiritual civilization. I want to stay in the woods after dark. I want to climb a tree in the middle of a storm and feel how God’s wind bends even the strongest, most firmly rooted trunks of religion. I want to skinny-dip in a stream to feel the Current swirl around my limbs and joints, pulling away the religious soil I’ve accumulated. I want to stand clean and naked in a meadow, raise my arms and yell in primal joy, in thanks for beauty, peace, and acceptance that doesn’t make sense.

I choose to live my spiritual life off the grid, beyond the tired matrix. I will exercise a love that devours sacred cows to make room for sacred possibilities.

And if that’s heresy, so be it. But I am not alone.

One Response

  1. If there were only more like you….

    Well, you state (and I believe you) that you are not alone, bit if not to add a little intellectual reasoning and open-minded approach to the rest of us who see only the myopic, strenuously dogmatic, and personally, quite ugly majority of Christians whose rage and fear allow the to espouse sentiments I firmly believe Christ would or is appalled to hear by those who consider thseves ho followers. then for simply for your dedication to Christ, his word, and the faith genetally… why don’t you galvanized, become more active, and add voice to the current public forum showing the world and the anti-love Christians that they are missing the message entirely?

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